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eCook Global Market Market Assessment (GMA) Database

Where will eCook take off first and where could it have the biggest impact?

This is the question that the eCook Global Market Assessment (GMA) was designed to answer. The eCook GMA uses a Multi Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodology to evaluate each of the factors predicted by Brown & Sumanik-Leary (2015) to affect the viability of eCook in different contexts. All relevant nations are then ranked by viability to predict where eCook is likely to take off first. Further analyses are then presented to quantify the size of the market in each nation and when the price tipping point between eCook and the key commercialised polluting fuels in use today is likely to occur.

The Global Market Assessment Report will soon be available for download from this page.

The eCook Global Market Assessment (GMA) Database was constructed in Microsoft Excel and is available for download as an open access resource below. It is hoped that the eCook GMA database will continue to evolve as more data become available and as more insight is gained into the factors that enable and constrain eCook in different country contexts. The authors welcome contact from interested readers who have new datasets and/or insight to share.

Download the latest version of the eCook GMA database and supporting datasets here: