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Electric cooking pioneers

Existing electric cooking markets.

cooking pioneersCountries with high numbers of people already cooking on grid electricity are attractive for both PV- and Grid-eCook, because it demonstrates that there are no significant cultural barriers to cooking with electricity (or if there were, they have already been overcome) and that supply chains for electrical appliances are already in place. Read more…

What about areas with electricity?

The urban/rural divide and the current levels of access to electricity allow us in the GMA report to separate the two distinct markets for PV-eCook (off-grid) and Grid-eCook (at the fringes of the grid).

grid ecook viability

Comparison of size of Grid-eCook target market segments by electrification and demographic status with ease of reaching this market segment.  Read more…

Using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) techniques

cumulative weightingsCumulative weightings for each factor under the PV-eCook (left) and Grid-eCook (right) weighting sets.

This study employs MCDA techniques to quantitatively compare countries according to the viability of eCook in each particular country context. Weightings were assigned to each indicator, sub-category and category to balance out their relative influence over the final result. Simple Multi-Attribute Ranking Technique (SMART) was selected as the most appropriate MCDA technique for this study, as it is simple to understand (it is similar in nature to the well-known cost-benefit analysis) and is relatively streamlined (it only requires one decision to be made per indicator, sub-category and category). Read more…