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Initial shortlisting


the sixteen16 countries scoring highly in either PV- and/or Grid-eCook viability (highlighted in red in Figure 9 and Figure 10), were shortlisted for detailed investigation based on one or more of the following reasons:

  • Existing knowledge of favourable market dynamics by members of the eCook consortium (e.g. ongoing transitions to induction stoves in Bhutan and Ecuador).
  • Strong existing partnerships with local institutions (e.g. Solar Nano-grids project partners in Kenya and Bangladesh).
  • Favourable characteristics that are representative of a broader group of nations, as identified during the data analysis.

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Where to in Africa?

PV target marketThe viability scores above do not embody the number of people living in each country (and therefore potential market size), nor the cost comparison of the three target fuels with grid electricity. The following section seeks to explore in greater depth how these critical market dynamics might influence the choice of early markets. Read more…

Self-drive iCar and human-drive eCook

Apple is apparently working on the iCar, which may be available as soon as 2020?

Why mention this in the same breath eCook?  Because in a world where electric cars will store enough energy in batteries to self-drive in developed economies, surely we can build and scale out eCook for the 3 billion people still using biomass for cooking in emerging and developing economies?

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What we will/are doing in each country

This global market assessment has shown that there are considerable opportunities for eCook in its various forms, in a great many countries.  The viability scores vary according to the convergence of the different factors, and no single country presents the ideal market conditions for eCook across all sectors of its society. Instead, each country has its own unique market dynamics and understanding these is absolutely vital in order to tailor prototype designs and marketing strategies to that particular context. Read more…

Target market segments

IMG_Tokyo_20180720_120921_processedPV-eCook and Grid-eCook have very different target markets. PV-eCook is targeted at regions where no grid infrastructure exists (nor is it likely to in the near future), i.e. rural off-grid HHs. From a system-level perspective, Grid-eCook offers the ability to rebalance and reinforce weak grid infrastructure. As a result, the key target market segments are expected to be those living at the fringes of the grid, where the infrastructure is weakest, i.e. urban slums or rural grid-connected HHs .

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