Time saving & drudgery reduction

Time saving & drudgery reduction – eCook can make cooking quicker and easier. The people who could save most time and effort are those who collect fuelwood. IMG_Heisenberg_20190511_105310_processedWhilst they could benefit from adopting eCook products/services, they are not eCook’s initial target market because they have no existing expenditure to repay the capital costs of the equipment.

However, transporting bulky fuels such as a sack of charcoal and even an LPG cylinder from the point of sale to the kitchen is still an arduous task that reoccurs monthly and could be substituted with carrying a new set of batteries once every six years.What is more, pressing a button is much quicker than lighting & tending fires and efficient appliances such as the electric pressure cooker can cut cooking times in half.Income generation-cooking is a productive activity that is often overlooked in energy access programs. There is a clear opportunity to apply the time saved to create new livelihoods for women who adopt eCook systems by cooking more food for sale. Of course, there is also the potential to enhance the existing livelihoods of street vendors, restaurants and shops selling cooked food.

(14) (PDF) eCook and Gender in Tanzania Final Report. Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/332150337_eCook_and_Gender_in_Tanzania_Final_Report [accessed May 11 2019].

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