Transformation of gender roles?

IMG_Femme_20190511_105448_processedResistance to change-the evidence from the choice modelling surveys suggests that future marketing campaigns should target both genders, as the decision to purchase is likely to be made together in most Tanzanian households. eCook is likely to be an aspirational product/service for both men and women, as not only can it transform the kitchen, but on most days, the energy left in the battery can also enable access to TV, lights, radio, mobile phone charging and other low power energy services. Changing the perception of pressure cookers from dangerous to safe and the perception of electricity as too expensive for cooking are likely to be key enablers for eCook.

Transformation of gender roles – eCook will make cooking quicker and easier, which may be the trigger for a slight gender shift in responsibilities, as men may be willing to take on more responsibility in the kitchen

(14) (PDF) eCook and Gender in Tanzania Final Report. Available from: [accessed May 11 2019].


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