Electric cooking pioneers

Existing electric cooking markets.

cooking pioneersCountries with high numbers of people already cooking on grid electricity are attractive for both PV- and Grid-eCook, because it demonstrates that there are no significant cultural barriers to cooking with electricity (or if there were, they have already been overcome) and that supply chains for electrical appliances are already in place. The figure shows that China, Russia and South Africa lead the way with regards to electric cooking. Central Asian (e.g. Tajikistan and Kyrgyztan) and East/Southern African (e.g. Ethiopia, Zambia and Zimbabwe) countries offering cheap grid electricity also show significant levels of uptake. Despite high grid electricity prices, some Pacific island nations, such as Papua New Guinea and Western Samoa also show significant uptake.

Countries coloured by region: AIMS, Central Africa, Central America & Caribbean, Central Asia & North Korea, East Africa, Europe, India & China, Middle East , North Africa, Pacific Islands & PNG, South America & Mexico, South Asia (excl. India), Southeast Asia, Southern Africa  and West Africa. Two-letter country codes listed in the GMA report Regional colour coding and two-letter country codes.

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