Raw Experiments

So having started to discuss whether by 2020 a portion of the 3 Billion who currently cook on solid fuels could cook with Solar Electric, we decided we should start with ourselves to see if its feasible.   The key technical issue is not whether solar can do it and will be cheap enough, but more whether deep cycle batteries will be happy with the rapid discharge.  Are they likely to fail  too quickly to make the economics work, and if we oversize them to compensate, does that mean the system is just too unwieldy.  This needs proper research from battery specialists and we will be working on that and the necessary partnership, however in the meantime Simon has set up a 12V 100Amphr battery in his kitchen, and is going to spend 2 weeks cooking all his meals with a 500W electric hob.  (Although Simon has Solar feeding into the grid on his house, due to the UK weather he is just going to recharge the battery each day from the mains)

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