Why Elon Musk will change Africa

I wrote to Elon Musk just now to elicit his support for Solar Electric Cooking.  It is of course unlikely he will read my email (sent to his office – I have no direct road in), but no harm in trying to bring it to his visionary attention is there?  What I said is immaterial, but after writing it I realised something….


(Photo credit businessinsider.com)

His work and the work of Tesla will bring about the change in Africa, whether they are actively engaged in solar electric cooking or not.  Tesla are not the only players on the board for electric cars and battery price drops, but their new factory will likely push the prices down further.  They are at the forefront of battery development, and if not they directly, their work in electric cars and powerwalls as a whole will drive the price down further.

This only makes the solar electric cooking more likely.  So thank you Mr Musk (who hails from South Africa), your work is appreciated as a mechanism to alleviate poverty and improve health.

What I said to Mr Musk:-


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