Commercialised polluting fuels

Size of commercialized polluting fuel (kerosene, charcoal, coal) users market segments and ease of reaching them with Grid-eCook or PV-eCook solutions.

polluting fuelsThe use of solid fuels (charcoal, coal, firewood, dung and crop waste) has long been recognised as a leading cause of premature deaths due to the negative effects of the indoor air pollution they generate on respiratory health. However, recent evidence on the negative health effects of kerosene use has lead the WHO to create a new classification of ‘polluting fuels’ (WHO 2014), which also includes kerosene. This study focuses on three of these kerosene, charcoal and coal, as these three commercialised polluting fuels present the greatest opportunity to divert an existing expenditure to increase quality of life.

The figure offers a complementary market segmentation, comparing the number of commercialised polluting fuel (kerosene, coal or charcoal) users with the viability of both PV- and Grid-eCook. Kenya and the rest of East Africa clearly show the greatest potential for eCook, with significant populations relying on charcoal and kerosene for their HH cooking needs. India and China (shown in dark blue on the figure) represent the two biggest markets, with major groups of coal and kerosene users making up small fractions of the population that become significant when considering absolute population figures.

Countries coloured by region: AIMS, Central Africa, Central America & Caribbean, Central Asia & North Korea, East Africa, Europe, India & China, Middle East , North Africa, Pacific Islands & PNG, South America & Mexico, South Asia (excl. India), Southeast Asia, Southern Africa  and West Africa.

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