eCook Tanzania Country Report

ecook tanz cover


Opportunities and Challenges in Tanzania

August 2018 Working Paper

One of the outputs of the Innovate work was an in-depth look at the market in Tanzania.

To achieve this, the programme of research includes the following key methodologies:

  • Cooking diaries – asking households to record exactly what they cook, when and how for 6 weeks. The first two weeks cooking as they would normally do, and then asking them to transition to cooking with electricity for the remaining duration of the trial.
  • Choice modeling surveys – asking potential future eCook users which design features they would value most in a future eCook device.
  • Focus groups – offering a deeper qualitative exploration of how people currently cook, how they would like to cook in the future and the compatibility of these cooking practices with the strengths and weaknesses of cooking on battery-supported electrical appliances.
  • Techno-economic modeling – refining Leach & Oduro’s (2015) model and adapting it to reflect the unique market conditions in each national context.
  • Prototyping – using the data from the above methodologies to shape the next generation of eCook concept prototypes in a participatory design process involving local entrepreneurs and future end users of eCook devices.
  • Stakeholder engagement – bringing together key policy, private sector, NGO, research and community actors to explore the opportunities and challenges that await eCook in each unique national context

Read about it in the report found here.

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