The open access database

Flow diagram listing data collection, processing and analysis methodologies.flow diagram

This GMA study revolved around the assembly and analysis of the eCook Global Market Assessment (GMA) database. The database was constructed in Microsoft Excel and is available for download as an open access resource from It is hoped that the eCook GMA database will continue to evolve as more data becomes available and as more insight is gained into the factors that enable and constrain eCook in different country contexts.

The nation state was selected as the resolution of this global analysis as there are a wide variety of publically available quantitative data sets that have been constructed using standardized methodologies to populate the eCook GMA database.  The majority of these data sets are regularly updated, enabling the global market analysis to be brought up to date as and when required. Where no such data sets existed (e.g. charcoal price), additional research was carried out to acquire the necessary data (see Appendix 4 – New datasets assembled for the GMA). The figure lists the key techniques employed to collect, process and analyse the data in the eCook GMA database.

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