Grid affordability and reliability

blckouts per month

Unrealised Grid-eCook potential.

Grid-eCook will find most resonance in locations where the unit cost of electricity is low, but people are prevented from cooking when they want to by frequent blackouts. The figure compares the unrealized potential markets for Grid-eCook, i.e. HHs with a grid connection that are not yet using it as their primary cooking fuel. Notably, Middle Eastern and South Asian countries, such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Iraq offer particularly attractive markets, as the frequent blackouts are likely to be a major contributing factor to the low uptake of electricity for cooking.

It should be noted that the data on blackout frequency is likely to be optimistic, as the data is sourced from the World Bank’s Enterprise Surveys and Doing Business project. Both of which focus on commercial connections in more developed areas of major cities, rather than residential connections in urban slums and rural areas (i.e. the core of the grid network as opposed to the fringes).

Countries coloured by region: AIMS, Central Africa, Central America & Caribbean, Central Asia & North Korea, East Africa, Europe, India & China, Middle East , North Africa, Pacific Islands & PNG, South America & Mexico, South Asia (excl. India), Southeast Asia, Southern Africa  and West Africa.

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