An Irish stew per mile.


I remain fascinated by the electric vehicle discussions and of course, the battery developments are very relevant to eCook.  I saw this interesting discussion about a Tesla.

How much fuel does it  cost to drive 1 mile. In a Tesla this is a kilo Watt hour kWh. A Tesla Model 3 battery holds either 60 or 75 kWh and can drive for 252 or 316 respectively. Fuel/Miles = .237 kWh/mile.  That’s about the same as an Irish stew in a multicooker.  An Irish stew per mile.

The writer, Carroll Lee, on Quora, then found (in 2016) the gasoline and electric prices, albeit for her home of Arkansas @ $0.098 cent per kWh and $2.631 per gallon.  She compared with a BMW doing 33 miles to the gallon, giving Arkansas Electric .098 * .237 = 2.3 cent per mile, Arkansas gasoline 2.631 / 33 = 7.97 cent per mile.  You can of course get cheaper electricity at night, and more expensive electricity in other states – but even in Massachusetts,  she had Electric .2063 * .237 =4.9 cent per mile and Massachusetts gasoline 2.853 /33 = 8.64 cent per mile.

Makes carbon sense and save US cents.

(Ok neglecting the Capex and the O&M costs!)

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